The Stairway of Tears

I give you this cross because you are mine
I lent you this child for just a brief time
This beautiful angel who has now returned home
Ever before my Heavenly throne.

Please pick up your cross and follow me
Your joy in Heaven is yet to be,
You're climbing that stairway that's been built with your tears
A stairway you're climbing while your prayers I do hear.

As you climb up those stairs made of tears and much pain
The end of your journey will not be in vain
Although you can't see my reasons right now
I have a plan just for you if you'll give me your vow.

Along with climbing those stairs built with tears
I give you this cross so heavy to bear,
I'm walking beside you, holding most of the weight
If you just trust in's never too late.

Come my dear servant and see who I am
If only you knew my wonderful plan,
Keep climbing on up all the way to the top
Don't keep looking back, and please do not stop.

My dear child, I know you're a Mother who so deeply grieves
How can you not know your child is with me?
The child that I gave though the years were but few
When you reach the top of the stairway
I will give this child back to you!

Written with much love

In Memory of My Sweet Lily


This Midi is: "Stairway to Heaven"