My Sister...My Best friend... the years have swiftly passed

We made memories, oh so many, that forever in my heart shall last

It feels like only yesterday since I lost that precious part of me,

Deep within, the pain resides, where I allow no eye to see,

In the shadowy hiding place of the man I used to be


Oh, how we talked and laughed all those years so long gone by

Never thinking I would lose you, so innocent and naive was I!

I saw you getting ill; my laughter slowly fading, as my heart froze in fear

I hovered by your bed and watched you die,

Praying for that angel to change his mind and not appear;

I don't know when it was, but sadness became my best friend

Still I walk this pitted road, trying to find meaning once again,

In hope of someday seeing the light waiting for me at the end


Mother doesn't really know what a broken jar of clay I am

She, too, is lost in sorrow, in a strange and alien land

I have hit bottom but still doing the best I can

I have asked God to lift me out from my despair,

To help me  find the strength for this heavy cross to bear


You are not gone, you're just beyond my view

But only climbed the mountain to the other side,

As the Lord directs His precious lambs to do

My mind cannot conceive of where you've gone;

Where is the distant shore you've landed on?

Beyond our understanding, a mystery so undreamed of

So here I am, left behind, with only memories of a sibling love


We shared the same loving space before being born to earth

Although at different times, in that warm safe place, we slept until our birth

To see the light of day and grow together with hearts entwined

As brother and sister, we'll be connected with a tie that will forever bind


My sweet sister, I love you so, how can I ever forget you or let you go?

I'm lost and wandering now, but will remember the wisdom you gave to me,

Your older brother, That which, I cannot receive from any another

My heart a burning hole, longing to hear your words that soothed me so

The way you lifted me when I was way down low


Until we meet again my sweet baby sister, my favorite little girl

There is No balm to heal this pain, no way for now to see you once again,

I have no place to find relief from losing a special life that was too brief

I'll see you in the sunshine, where hues of colors we cannot fathom now

The flowers and the gardens, unlike anything this earth would dare allow


Maybe now or maybe later, at my journey's end

When the Lord comes to call my name, and beckons me to Him,

As brother and sister we shall eternally live again

Beyond the stars and universe,

I'll find you, my little sister, my angel and best friend


Written by Ann Sorbara

Laurasmom March 2008 (c)





Original art image by June Dudley 




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