In Loving Memory of
Laura Ann Kimble

Loved, Laughed and Lived From

November 5, 1968 ~ October 19, 2002

My Precious Child

A Special Day
July 23, 2007  

Where have you gone my Lily girl?
It feels like only yesterday that I carried you;
Then in one brief moment, I had to say goodbye
As you left to meet your destiny, beyond the clouds and sky
Walking through the valley on to the other side

Summer has returned, and now, gone are the songs of yesterday
The scent of salty ocean air, coming through the open window
On a summer's day; A day that now lasts far too long
I often wonder why I have to stay, and it all seems so very wrong

Did you know that you'd be leaving, Or that my heart would break?
If you could have, would you have made the choice to stay?
Or Would you still have gone away?
Maybe you didn't have that choice to make

Where have you gone child of my heart?
It must be something glorious,
That you'd choose to leave us all behind;
and quickly to depart from everyone that loved you so
Yet, here I still remain, left with this tie that binds
That only a mother's heart will know.


This twenty third day was just a hint that you'd be leaving
How could I have known you would not return to me?
For that brief instant in time, as I went through my busy day
Not long thereafter you were gone,
And maybe God said "no, you could not stay"
You had to just move on.

  My screams are silent, hidden deep within my soul
Where no one hears them coming from this heart grown cold
I don't know when my time will come to leave for golden shores
And come to where you are, beyond the darkness into light
To where I've never been before

Wait for me sweet Lily
Hold my broken heart within your hands
Tell the Lord you need me and I pray he'll understand
But if I stay yet for a time, Since He alone knows when;
May the unseen cord that ever binds us
keep us linked till then.
Truly, what mother can live through this without the help of God.
What mother could ever conceive of a loss such as this?
For us maybe this is the end of the road,
but for our lost children it is only the beginning
Let us never forget and hold them in our hearts forever into eternity

I'll see you in the sunshine my Lily Girl

With Memories of my love for you


Written in Memory of My Lily

By Ann, Laurasmom (c) 7/23/06

Joy Cometh in the Morning!
Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his,
and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.
For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life:
weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. (Ps 30.4-5)

"Be not afraid, I go before you always, come follow Me and I will give you rest."

Brenda Lee sings: "Softly As I Leave You"